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Sensasi Selebriti | Berita Hiburan, Gossip Artis, Gambar Selebriti Terbaru, Filem, Muzik, Video & Teater

Drama Siri Hellcats di 8TV

Posted: 16 Apr 2011 09:57 PM PDT



TARIKH SIARAN: 12/4/2011
MASA SIARAN : 9.30-10.30 MALAM

Masa untuk bersama-sama mengikuti perjalanan pasukan sorak yang penuh dengan drama dalam siri terbaru Hellcats di saluran hip 8TV! Diadaptasi dari buku "Cheer: Inside the Secret World of College Cheerleaders" hasil tulisan Kate Torgovnick, saksikan aksi-aksi menarik pasukan sorak ini yang mula menemui anda pada 12 April 2011 di 8TV. Ikuti perjalanan Marti Perkins; penuntut di Lancer University yang mempunyai impian untuk meneruskan pelajaran dalam jurusan undang-undang dan meninggalkan ibunya yang merupakan seorang kaki botol.


Marti bercita-cita untuk menjadi seorang peguam wanita yang berjaya namun biasiswa yang ditawarkan kepadanya telah dibatalkan dan ibunya tidak menyampaikan berita itu kepadanya, Namun Marti tidak patah semangat dan meneruskan 'Plan B' beliau iaitu menyertai pasukan sorak di Lancer University – "The Hellcats".

Pasukan sorak "The Hellcats" yang kehilangan seorang ahli bernama Alice yang mengalami kecederaan menerima Marti dengan hati terbuka. Segalanya berlaku dengan pantas dan apa yang perlu dilakukan oleh Marti ialah membuktikan kepada semua bahawa beliau mampu menjadi ahli pasukan sorak yang berjaya.

Walaupun Savanna merupakan teman sebilik Marti, namun Marti lebih selesa berteman dengan rakan sepasukannya Lewis. Masalah mula timbul apabila Dan yang merupakan rakan baik Marti dan bekas teman wanita Lewis mula campur tangan dalam persahabatan mereka bedua.

Menurut Airin Zainul, Pengurus Besar 8TV dan ntv7, "Dalam setiap kehidupan remaja pasti ada persaingan sihat yang bakal berlaku! Hellcats bukan drama bersiri remaja yang biasa namun ia mengupas kehidupan remaja dalam pasukan sorak yang penuh dengan drama. Bagi peminat pasukan sorak, anda pastinya tidak mahu ketinggalan menonton drama bersiri ini!"

Dibintangi oleh bintang-bintang popular antaranya Alyson Michalka, Ashley Tisdale, Robbie Jones dan Matt Barr. Sudahkan anda bersedia untuk Hellcats? Tandakan kalendar anda dan pastikan anda menonton siri Hellcats yang akan akan disiarkan setiap Selasa jam 9.30 malam bermula 12 April 2011 hanya di 8TV.

8TV juga boleh ditonton menerusi saluran 708 Astro. Tontoni rancangan-rancangan 8TV kegemaran anda dengan melayari laman sesawang ATAU


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    Samsung Smart TV Launch

    Posted: 16 Apr 2011 09:44 PM PDT


    Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn. Bhd., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, achieved another milestone today with the launch of their latest range of Smart 3D LED TVs, Plasma TVs and smart Blu-ray player home entertainment system. The new Smart 3D LED TVs will address the consumer's growing need for greater choice and control over the way their access and view content.

    VIDEO Samsung Smart TV Launch

    "As we enter a new era of immersive experience, Samsung has redefined the visual elements that make our TVs the centerpiece of any room. People want to stay connected to the people and information that are important to them. Our latest line-up reflects a vision where smarter technology virtually and physically connects users through shared moments in the comfort of their homes. Therefore transforming their viewing experience together." said Mr. Yu Jai Sul, Managing Director, Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn. Bhd.

    Samsung's 2011 line-up combines elegant styling with a wide range of higher-end features previously exclusive to premium sets, including 3D capabilities and improved, advanced smart TV features for people to get the most out of their entertainment experience. Selected models will offer Samsung's new Smart Hub that provides access to streaming content and comprehensive selection of applications.

    Samsung has expanded their number of 3D TV models so that more Malaysians can enjoy 3D home entertainment at an affordable price. Consumers will be able to choose from a wide range of TVs to suite their home and lifestyle need. The LED D8000 series TV which received a CES 2011 Innovations Design and Engineering Award was also launched at the event.


    Elaine Daily – Host

    Samsung Smart Hub

    Selected models will offer Samsung's new Smart Hub which includes the following:

    1. Search All, to makes it easier to search for desired content on your TV and other DLNA-certified connected media storage devices, networked PC and mobile devices, and Internet and video-on-demand services.
    2. Your Video, which delivers recommendations based on a user's viewing history
    3. Web Browser offering full web browsing right from your TV
    4. Social TV which makes it easier to chat with friends and family in real-time while watching the same TV content
    5. Samsung Apps, the world's first HDTV-based apps store, which offers a range of paid and free apps that help people connect to their various passions – whether in sports, entertainment, information, games or social networking.

    Ultra-thin Bezel for larger screen size

    Samsung has successfully reduced the bezel size by up to 80 percent – an engineering feat – so that the thin bezel blends in easily with the environment, almost becoming invisible to the viewer, which then becomes even less of a distraction when watching 3D. The new bezels are the result of extensive design research, Samsung's proprietary new panel technology and innovative signal processing technology.

    The reduction in bezel size means consumers can enjoy a larger viewing screen and wider viewing angle without having to increase the physical size of their TVs. It will also make using social applications like Skype and YouTube, browsing the Web, sharing content and playing games much more inclusive.

    Immersive 3D Experience

    Samsung 3D LED TVs offers stunningly clear 3D pictures with the world's best panel technology and proprietary image-improving techniques. Samsung's unique double-rate frame transition technology – the world's fastest – also reduces the picture frame transition time by 50 percent to enhance the viewing quality of 3D content.

    As the living room continues to transform into the central media and entertainment hub of the home, Samsung re-aligned its home entertainment systems to more wholly reflect a diverse home entertainment environment. Designed to meet consumers' ever-growing home entertainment system needs while offering a theater-like experience, many of Samsung's 2011 home entertainment products support 2D to 3D and wireless features with superior sound quality to complement the breadth of content that people watch in their home.

    Samsung has also introduced their new "3D Sound" capabilities in their home entertainment systems to give superior sound quality. This is made possible by synching sound and video to create an immersive, up-down-left-right experience enabling the sound to "move" along with the 3D picture.

    Further, in 2011 Samsung has broken new ground in its Total 3D Solution, which includes four different models of 3D glasses with Bluetooth connectivity from the entry to premium level, and a Skype™-certified TV camera—which enables video calls on a Samsung TV without a headset or webcam.

    Following the launch event, Samsung AV Roadshow will take place on the ground floor, Highstreet, 1 Utama Shopping centre PJ from the 13th till 17th April 2011. Come visit us for more exciting offers this weekend.


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