One WORD …. Brilliant..
This new device makes my iPhone 3gs become nothing if we compares the new and existing smartphone and I think everybody in this blogging world knew the story of Gizmodo vs Apple case whereby a drunken Apple engineer incidently left the new iPhone 4 prototype in the bar and the person who found it sold the unit to Gizmodo…. and people talked there will no new surprise if Mr Steve Jobs introduces the new unit …
and that's people said …. BUT at the end …

… the leaked photos of the iPhone 4 that appeared online really don't do the device justice; it's a sleek, lightweight device that's a genuine and hopefully pleasure to use. The new stainless steel and glass design has a pleasingly industrial feel, without compromising on comfort or usability.
The screen is sensational — four times the resolution of the display on the iPhone 3GS, it has a sharpness and clarity you would normally only find on a phone with an OLED screen. And Apple's lightning-fast A4 processor ensures everything runs incredibly quickly. The long-awaited arrival of multi-tasking does not disappoint — a quick double-tap on the iPhone's Home button brings up a floating dock, allowing you to whiz between applications and select the ones you want to open.
FaceTime, the iPhone 4's video-calling app, is brilliantly executed. It only works over WiFi for the moment (Steve Jobs, Apple's chief executive, said they needed to thrash out some issues with network operators before they could roll it out across the 3G network too), but it could prove to be the technology that makes video calling come of age. It's immersive, easy to use and incredibly slick.

It would have been nice to see more integration of social networking features in iPhone 4, and the new operating system, iOS4. HTC's Android phones pull in messages from a variety of sites, such as Flickr, Twitter and Facebook, in to a single real-time stream, and it would have been good to see something similar in iPhone 4.

Overall though, iPhone 4 is a fantastically well-balanced device, combining form and functionality in to something that feels fresh and innovative. That it's evolution rather than revolution is neither here nor there; what's important is that Apple continues to turn out the goods, time and again.
iPhone 4 will be a huge hit - and it deserves to be…. ( and I'll be the one who eagerly waiting this new thing arrives in Malaysia)