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Sensasi Selebriti | Berita Hiburan, Gossip Artis, Gambar Selebriti Terbaru, Filem, Muzik, Video & Teater

Sensasi Selebriti | Berita Hiburan, Gossip Artis, Gambar Selebriti Terbaru, Filem, Muzik, Video & Teater

Life Regen Launches FuGen New Personal Care Products

Posted: 29 Mar 2011 10:18 PM PDT

FύGen promotes all natural ingredients free of toxic chemical for healthier life

When you go shopping for your personal care products, what is the most important factor that you look out for? Do you go for nice packaging, price factor, smell, ingredients or all?


Choosing the right personal care product is as important as how you lead your life. Believe it or not these products can actually determine your very existence, the state of your health and help promote healthy living.


Years of research have shown and proven that chronic diseases, which are on the rise, may be caused by toxic chemicals present in these very products that we rely on every day.

Life Regen, a licensed Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) ̧ company that has created a strong following in Taiwan is now on Malaysian shores to expand its campaign against human pollution by disseminating knowledge on the correct use of personal care products.

"It is all about choice! Choosing the safer personal care product is very important as they play a crucial role in determining our health and lifestyle," said Dorph Peng, Managing Director of Life Regen.

According to Peng, Life Regen is introducing FύGen to Malaysians so they understand the importance of living a life free of toxic chemicals that are found in the products we use daily.

"FύGen is our export quality personal care product range formulated without known carcinogens, neurotoxins, allergens, hormone disruptors and other toxic chemicals," she said.

"We provide only all natural, no preservatives and no artificial colouring health products," she added.

On March 19, 2011, Life Regen will conduct its product launch to the media and introduces FύGen's six new products that use only natural ingredients and essential oils without any harmful and synthetic toxic chemical, fragrance, preservatives.

The event to be held at The Gardens Hotel, Kuala Lumpur will be officiated by the Guest of Honour, YB. Senator Dato' Ir. Donald Lim, Deputy Minister of Finance.

This will be followed with several welcome addresses by Life Regen's Managing Director, Ms. Dorph Peng.

The chairman of Life Regen (M) Sdn Bhd Dato' Hj Ikhwan Salim will also address all those present at this company's prestigious and memorable event.

The day's highlight will be the product showcase by celebrity models that will include Madam Lai Meng, Steve Yap and Cassandra Patrick. After the multimedia presentation and showcasing of the products, guests will be given a special presentation on FύGen's products by Marcus Fei, Marketing Director of Life Regen (M) Sdn Bhd.

FύGen's six new products comprise shampoo, body wash, cleanser, moisturiser, hand wash and toothpaste.


FύGen Six New Products:


LUSCIOUS – a natural citrus healthy scalp shampoo recommended for itchy scalp and combat dandruff. It is suitable for all age groups, even newborns and for all hair types.


REVIVE – a natural citrus antioxidant body wash that's gentle with antioxidant enriched formulation that gives extra benefits to those with skin problems and allergies. Suitable for all age groups.


RADIANT – a natural citrus antioxidant facial cleanser made from botanical ingredients rich in healthy aging combating properties. Radiant also helps to smoothened fine lines and wrinkles. Its dry cleansing foam helps reduce acne and regulates and maintains skin natural moisture balance. Suitable for all age groups.


HYDRATE – a natural citrus skin protection moisturiser suitable for dry and scaly skin, and skin damaged from overexposure to the sun. It protects skin from free radicals that cause accelerated aging and skin damage. It has natural antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties, hydrates and softens skin.


FEND – a natural citrus antibacterial hand wash.


GUARD – a fluoride free natural bamboo salt toothpaste formulated with patented bamboo salt premix to prevent gingivitis, periodontal and gum disease. It has whitening effects with colloidal ball structure and natural herbs.

FύGen ingredients are 100% biodegradable and environmental-friendly. It boasts high quality personal care products at reasonable prices.

For more information, please visit





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    Ujibakat Deko Idaman Selebriti TV3

    Posted: 29 Mar 2011 09:52 PM PDT


    Program Ubah Suai Kediaman, Deko Idaman kembali ke TV3 dengan konsep baru pada tahun ini. Bakal dikenali sebagai Deko Idaman Selebriti, program tersebut yang menampilkan Azhar Sulaiman dan Syaiful Baharim sebagai pengacara merangkap pereka dalaman turut mengundang selebriti-selebriti tanah air popular dalam mengubah suai kediaman peserta terpilih.

    Memasuki musim baru, Deko Idaman Selebriti membawa konsep baru dengan memperkenalkan selebriti jemputan pada setiap episod yang juga akan turut serta dalam proses ubah suai ruang rumah yang terpilih. Mahukah melihat kediaman anda diubah suai dengan sentuhan kreatif dari pereka hiasan dalaman professional? Jangan berlengah lagi, sertai uji bakat Deko Idaman Selebriti yang akan diadakan pada 2 & 3 April 2011 (Sabtu & Ahad) bertempat di Theaterette, Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya dari jam 10.00pagi hingga 4.00petang.


    Ruang yang akan diubah suai ialah bilik tidur, ruang tamu, dapur atau pun ruang makan. Peserta perlu membawa 3 keping gambar ukuran 4R di mana ruang rumah yang mahu diubah suai melalui sudut yang berbeza serta memuat turun borang lengkap daripada laman web Bagi mereka yang tidak dapat menghadiri sesi ujibakat ini, jangan khuatir kerana peluang masih terbuka. Peserta boleh menghantar permohonan menerusi sebelum 10 April 2011. Panduan lengkap boleh didapati di dalam laman web ini.

    Hanya 13 peserta yang akan terpilih, adakah anda salah seorang dari peserta Deko Idaman Selebriti? Sertai uji bakat ini untuk memberi pengubahsuaian ruang kediaman yang lebih selesa dan indah! Rebutlah peluang keemasan ini..

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